Vicky Emerson

No Depression

" of the pre-eminent independent singer/songwriters working in Americana. Her lyrical acumen is readily apparent for any listener, those unfamiliar with her work and longtime fans alike, but the lean economy of her poetic musings separates her work from performers who might otherwise overdo their desired effect on the audience."

Blue Grass Situation

Goldmine Magazine

"The performances reflect a confidence and clarity that allow these songs to soar in ways that reflect both her credence and conviction. Emerson plies the emotional depth of Lucinda Williams, Bobbie Gentry, Loretta Lynn and other tempestuous torch singers with her own air of dark defiance."

Country Standard Time

"Emerson has come into her own in more way than one. This is appealing music with well-constructed songs gorgeous vocals, and stellar, rather moody fiddle playing."

Rock and Roll Globe

City Pages

"Emerson has lived and loved long enough to know the necessity of a “so what?” attitude, and Steady Heart is the record of a woman who no longer has to imagine love one way and live it another. There are no deceptions, only the clear-eyed truth of a songwriter emboldened by the totality of her vision."

SouthWest Journal

“You could go a lot of different routes [as a songwriter]. You could go a more negative route, but instead I wanted to bring strength and grace and beauty and incredible women, because visually it’s just stunning. I can whine about country playlists all day long, and that’s never going to change anything. But if you send a message this way, an enlightening message, something powerful … there’s a chance.”

City Pages

"The whole record is unflagging and ferocious, but its most triumphant moment comes on the country revenge song “The Reckoning.”"


Southern MinnScene

Johnny's Garden

Music Street Journal

 "I'd say there is a good chance that this will wind up in my "best of 2019" list."


Cool Tourist

Dancing About Architecture

"It’s near impossible not to like her, she comes across warm, sensual and in control..."

The Current

"Vicky Emerson has been a longtime fixture on the Twin Cities Americana scene. She sounds poised to reach the next level on her ambitious new album Steady Heart!" 

Mostly Minnesota

"Vicky Emerson...has a gentle voice that commands and demands full attention and it’s so worth the effort. It’s not a soft voice – just a voice that going to call you to where it is. It suits the honesty of her lyrics, which are unapologetically female."

Star Tribune

"Emerson’s self-produced “Steady Heart” continues her streak of warm, heartfelt, fiddle-laced originals and includes a playfully bluesy cover of a Crystal Gayle classic."

The Current

"Sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the horns, right? That's what Vicky Emerson did on her latest recording, Steady Heart. She's been growing as a songwriter and singer over the past several years, both in the Minnesota music scene and nationally, too. But on this new album, Emerson has taken on the responsibilities of arranging, production, mixing and promotion. The result is an excellent collection of songs that shows her growth as a songwriter and her confidence as a woman in the music industry."

Southwest Journal

"Classic country crooning straight outta South Minneapolis that sounds so timeless it could be Nashville or Memphis, 1933. “Good Enough” and the title track are gorgeous should-be country radio hits, while the likes of “In The Pines” and “Disappear” are powered by a stop-you-in-your-tracks voice that’s alternately sweet, sinister and sensual."

Roots Highway

"For the benefit of those who have never yet heard the clear voice of Vicky Emerson, I note that Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down can be considered the album of maturity and, at this point, is it may hope that it can reach, from time to time, even our side of the ocean to appreciate it live. When will it be, given the satisfaction that you are receiving in Europe by the other magazines "sisters," I will do everything in order not to miss it."

No Depression

"From its wonderful title, understated cover, tight focus, and great songs, Vicky Emerson’s third album Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down is an all-encompassing musical experience. Forget genre considerations and labels. These are simply great songs. 9 out of 10 stars."

Music That Needs Attention

"Vicky demonstrated not only a good singer, but is also an excellent songwriter. She wrote all the songs on third alone. Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down amassed over the past six months, though many very favorable reviews in America, including by No Depression. I think rightly so. It can be counted among the finest Americana releases of 2016."

De krenten uit de pop

"She has a voice that touches on that of greats like Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, but the singer-songwriter from Minneapolis has a voice that contains hew own multiple colors in the songs more oriented towards country. With the beautiful instrumentation and equally fine manufacturing Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down and the high vocals have an excellent record, but Vicky Emerson will also further impresses with excellent songs."

Cool Tourist

"At the voice of Vicky Emerson, which is reminiscent of the young Linda Ronstadt, there is nothing to complain about anyway. You can sentimental ballads ( "Silhouette") and rolling country rockers ( "Under My Skin"), it sounds both timeless and modern, traditional and independent. Revenge-story "Long Gone" has undoubtedly the makings of a hit, as well as "Runaway Train" or the atmospherically uplifting "Silhouette" which one would, like to hear in a cold winter night as permanent loop."

Roots Rock Review

"Vicky Emerson’s third LP, Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down finds the sweet spot between authentic forms of Country and Americana and a modern edge which solidifies it as a completely fresh and original collection of tunes."

Americana UK

"The album unfolds with a clear sense of identity and purpose, definitely a whole and obviously an artist with a sense of her artistry. There are echoes here of Alison Krauss and Union Station and Emerson does not pale in comparison. 7/10 stars"

All What's Rock

"While Emerson writes and performs for her own intensely personal reasons, I am sure, she nevertheless is a born entertainer. Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down is work from a great performer and artist alike.  8 out of 10 stars."


Indie Music Review

"Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down will likely rank as one of the year’s best Americana themed releases and hopefully signals a whole new level of exposure for one of the genre’s great talents. 9 out of 10 stars."

Gashouse Radio

"Vicky Emerson’s reputation in the Americana scene will be higher than ever before on the heels of her new album, Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down. This talented singer/songwriter is making her mark in a crowded field of talent thanks to her skill, undoubted sincerity, and superior supporting cast."

Music Street Journal

"Everything here is classic and strong. This is no exception."

Rock N’ Roll View

"Honing her craft over many years has resulted in a seamless blend of traditional country, blues, and folk effortlessly carried off. 8 out of 10 stars."

Music Existence

"Stepped in the tradition of giants like Roseanne Cash and Emmylou Harris, Vicky Emerson’s third album Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down is one of the year’s best Americana releases."

Skope Magazine

"Vicky Emerson’s third album should do much to solidify her position as one of the Americana genre’s finest artists today. 4 out of 5 stars."

No More Division

"The music on Vicky Emerson's latest release Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down drips with folk, traditional country and even a bit of blues and pop. Her music is rich with instrumentation such as lap steel, fiddle, guitar, keys, bass and drums. That being said the instrumentation supports her very attractive, warm country style singing, which is undeniably attractive."

Indie Artists Alliance

"This is a fine album meant for grown-ups, free of youthful histrionics, finger pointing, or crass pandering. Emerson and her band are experienced hands and they deliver an experience with this album that’s sure to rank among the year’s best efforts. 9 out of 10 stars."


Vents Magazine

"The third album from Vicky Emerson, Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down, is a relaxed nine song effort pushing no envelopes, but successfully relying on country and blues music’s fundamentals with a rare stylishness. Emerson, likewise, proves herself to be a stylish lyricist with a literary facility never threatening to overwhelm the music."

"While Vicky Emerson may cite luminaries like Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams as important influences, she’s very much her own artist. There’s little imitation on her third album Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down. The album is rarely punchy or assertive, but confidence and a steady hand guides each of its ten tracks and helps put them over for the listener as direct communications from her heart. 8 out of 10 stars."

Mostly Minnesota

Ctrl Alt Country-BELGIUM

Southern Minn Scene

"With Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down, Vicky Emerson takes her spot among the best. She may not be as heralded as some of her compatriots, but there is no doubt that she belongs."

Twin Cities Media

"Vicky Emerson Packs The Icehouse For Her CD Release Performance" -- REVIEW OF LIVE SHOW

RADIO HEARTLAND-Live performance & Interview


One of the top 5 music videos to watch...

City Pages

"Classically trained pianist Vicky Emerson goes old school country..."

Star Tribune

Vicky Emerson has voice like a fallen angel that's as pretty as it is strong, and now she backs it up with growing lyrical depth and richly blue Americana arrangements on her third album, "Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down." The Minneapolis folk/twang tunesmith reunited with producer and guitarist Matt Patrick to craft another record with a rambling spirit but deeply rooted sense of place. Standout tracks include the violin-laced, Rosanne Cash-echoing ballad "Save All My Cryin' (for Sunday Afternoons)" and the bittersweet home-sweet-home ode "Silhouette." Annie Fitzgerald opens this release party. (5 p.m. Sun., Icehouse, $8-$10.) Riemenschneider

Twin Cities Media

"...deeply infectious!"

The Current

"A folk-country gem..."